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Have you a special person, memory, event or place that means something to you?
Is it a memory that is fading or a crystal clear image?
Wouldn't it be nice to immortalise the memory, the moment and the magic?
Better still, why not protect it and save it forever in a unique way for a unique memory

Carole is always willing to consider commissions...
"I would love to discuss ideas for other projects with you to create inspirational images that could be used for yourself or for corporate projects."

Call Carole on 01952 691071 or 07930 545264 to discuss your ideas.

Here are some examples of commissions previously undertaken...



May 2015
I have recently completed a commission of two paintings for a lady who holidayed in Kefalonia for many years, who spent many an hour sitting in the cafes of Fiscardo and Assos taking in the views and people watching. A special place, memories and moments that really mean something to her that she now has immortalised.

'Assos, Kefalonia'



'Fiscardo, Kefalonia'


'Soft Shadows II, Cannock Chase'

Acrylic painting on board, 60x60cm

Having received the initial sketch for approval, my client made the following comments...

I like the way you use the colour orange, which seeps all the way through the painting, from the warm sunset, touches of orange on the tops of the foreground trees and then onto the forest floor in the foreground.

I love the misty haze of trees in the distance, giving a feeling of a deep mystical forest beyond.

I want to walk along the path between the trees, casting their shadows along the way, and wonder where it might lead.

I admire the way you make a ‘play’ of colours you use in the foreground without making it look dark or sombre but alive and interesting.

12_apostles 'The Twelve Apostles'

This is an acrylic painting on box canvas, 91x91cm commissioned by a couple who had visited Australia and the Great Ocean Road and had seen that I had also done the same trip.
The Twelve Apostles are magnificent frock stacks that rise up from the ocean on Victoria's dramatic coastline.



'Bear and His Seven Sisters'
Chocolate labrador, 'Bear' belongs to my close friend Diane who we visit in Brighton as often as we can throughout the year and walk at the Seven Sisters and Cuckmere Haven. It's a very special place for us all.
This is an acrylic painting on box canvas, 60x60cm which I did as a birthday gift, obviously Bear is the focal point with the dramatic landscape in the distance.



'Into the Distance'
Bilberry Reservoir, West Yorkshire
Stone walls, interesting foreground and stormy skies were part of the brief for this painting. Using photographs supplied, a composition was created to encompass all these elements plus a colour theme. A large painting in acrylic on box canvas, 101x101cm.



'Tranquil Moment'
This painting was commissioned by a couple who visited this beach on the west coast of Scotland and got engaged!! How wonderful to immortalise that very special moment.


JD Wetherspoon's Gatehouse commission

‘Evening Light’ is an acrylic painting 48x36” inspired by a view from Pipe Grange near Burntwood, looking east over Lichfield City. I painted for an hour or so, capturing the moment in my sketchbook. The finished painting uses a limited palette, working in many layers of paint until I achieved the desired effect. The aim is not to paint every detail but enough to draw the viewer in. Painting is my life – everywhere I go, I look at all things with a view to painting them, considering what medium, colours and textures I’d use. It is something I am wholly passionate about.

‘Changing Shadows’ (30x40”) is an image I see many times when visiting Lichfield, and this particular evening was a hot day in October, people sitting outside the Gatehouse enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. It evoked a feeling of serenity and calm, with interesting dappled light from the trees.

Read more about the commission here.


My first ever portrait... and who could refuse to paint this pretty little girl, the grand daughter of my client who "always has her head in a book"... even when she was on holiday after just getting out of the pool!


Commissioned as a wedding present, something quite special and personal.

great_sea       'Great Sea, Sennen Cove' and (below) 'Over the Bay' – two paintings commissioned for my clients who spend their summer holidays each year in Cornwall. They wanted to be able to capture the atmosphere and excitment of the sea and coastline.

'1940's Bath'
I painted this watercolour for my Mom a few years ago... it was from an old black and white photograph she found of my Great Aunt (in the red dress) when she visited Bath in the 1940's. The funny thing was that when Auntie Tip saw the painting, the first thing she said was... "my dress was blue!!"


Years ago I used to work in horse racing and undertook many commissions of racehorses for their owners and jockey's first winners. They were like photographs – representational and analytical. Then I learned new techniques and began to express myself thus moving away from the more representational.

'Touching the Skies' was commissioned by the owner of a magnificent Friesian stallion who gave me a free hand to paint in the more expressive style I have developed.

suzuki Being a keen motorcyclist, I was keen to take on the challenge of painting this GSX6R Suzuki for a good friend of mine. I tried to capture the speed and thrill of riding on an open road...
flourish   'Flourish II'
This painting was commissioned after my client saw 'Flourish I' at an exhibition which had sold. I very often produce several versions of a painting as they are each very unique.

'I Have Hours II' and 'The Spring Rain II' were commissioned by my client who had recently bought a house in Conway Valley in North Wales. She spotted the original versions of these paintings based on the landscape of Snowdonia on the website but they were sold. A different colour pallette was used and paintings were a lot bigger and uniform in size.