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North Wales August 2012 and Speyside, North East Highlands May 2012 ... all painted on location - this year is the first time I've spent time painting 'en plein air' in acrylics! I set out to try and capture the spontaneity I achieve in my sketchbooks with watercolour and ink. It's a been a great experience and one I intend to continue. These paintings are available to purchase and will be exhibited later in the year.

Prices range up to £500. If you wish to purchase an original painting, please contact Carole Baker by e-mail, stating the title of the painting you are interested in. (Sizes quoted are image size and do not include mount and frame.)

Speyside, North East Highlands - May 2012
Speyside in the North East Highlands where I spent an amazing fortnight with a group of students painting 'en plein air' - all paintings featured were painted outdoors in absolutely fantastic weather, every day in the high 20's, warm and sunny!! So lucky! Hopefully the sun shines through the paintings.
a_still_sky calm_quiet_strength
'A Still Sky'
Lossiemouth ... painting in the sand dunes
Acrylic on board • 20x33cm • SOLD
'Calm Quiet Strength'
An ancient packhorse bridge close to Aberlour... a great spot to paint which kept us busy all day in the hot sunshine.
Acrylic on board • 20x33cm • SOLD
lakes_edge sheltered_stream
'Lake's Edge'
Loch an Eileen - the loch of Eileen Castle... an interesting composition and light.
Acrylic on board • 20x33cm • SOLD
'Sheltered Stream'
Top end of Loch an Eileen where it meets another small pool and stream.
Acrylic on board • 20x33cm • SOLD
along_the_creek blue_light
'Along the Creek'
Spey Bay... this was an interesting view looking inland from the sea
Acrylic on board • 28x39cm • SOLD
  'Blue Light'
Spey Bay... looking across the estuary - the tide was coming in fast
Acrylic on board • 28x39cm • SOLD
twilight_wonderland the_washing_machine
'Twilight Wonderland'
Whilst painting at packhorse bridge, the light was coming through the trees, it could easily have been by-passed!
Acrylic on board • 28x39cm • SOLD
'The Washing Machine'
On the Spey River, the rapids here are described as the washing machine, would have been great in a dingy!!
Mixed media on paper • 28x39cm • SOLD
tender_bloom crisp_air
'Tender Bloom'
Spey Bay - Lupins and yellow broom growing amongst the pebble beach... so unusual.
Mixed media on paper • 20x20cm
'Crisp Air'
The garden of the Old Schoolhouse... morning light streaming through the trees.
Acrylic on board • 16x16cm • SOLD
Acrylic sketch of the Old Schoolhouse at Aberlour where I stayed with my wonderful hosts, Angela and Kevin.
Dolwyddelan, North Wales - August 2012
Back for my annual visit to North Wales, I made this a painting outdoors holiday for my students and we were blessed with fantastic weather, no need for the use of the studio... unbelievably lucky.
climb_place cool_rush_of_sound
'Climb up to a Place'
From Dolwyddelan near Betws-y-Coed looking towards Snowdonia... a clear summer's day with lots of interesting foreground.
Acrylic on board • 28 x 39cm SOLD
'Cool Rush of Sound'
Dolwyddelan Castle painted with mood and atmosphere to try and capture the essence and drama of the place.
Acrylic on board • 28 x 39cm • SOLD
down_valley splashes_on_river
'Down into the Valley'
The Secret Valley in Dolwyddelan, a lovely circular walk that takes in woodland and river and amazing views across to Moel Siabod.
Acrylic on board • 28 x 39cm • SOLD
'Splashes on the River'
Betws-y-Coed... cascading waterfalls and torrents of water. We arrived here early before all the visitors to the town we up and about... it was a hot day and we sat in the dappled light of the trees.
Acrylic on board • 28 x 39cm • SOLD
sunbeams_shine water_light
'Sunbeams Shine'
Dolwddelan Castle in the early morning sun... fantastic light and very hot!! (in Wales!!)
Acrylic on board • 28 x 39cm • SOLD
'Water Light'
Along the river at Betsw-y-Coed, the sunlight was coming through the trees and lit up the river bed, sparkling light on the tree trunks and leaves... it was beautiful.
Acrylic on board • 28 x 39cm • SOLD
'Sweet Seasons'
Penwith, Cornwall
Acrylic on board • 28 x 39cm • SOLD
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