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My sketch book from the Highlands and Islands in April 2010.
All sketches were made on location and painted with ink and watercolour... they aren't meant to be finished works, simply to capture the moment. They take me about 15 minutes each and i remember everything about the moment.
My sketchbooks aren't for sale but I am happy to reproduce the sketches as individual prints at a cost of £40 + p&p. Click on the images to make them bigger.



20 April, 9.55am
Luss on Loch Lomond looking across to Ben Lomond.
Warm sunshine, perfect light, waves gently lapping, peaceful and now... I'm happy!

Added 6.5.10


20 April, 10.05am
Luss Pier on Loch Lomond... a lone swan came and said 'hello' except he started pecking at my paints and brushes! Had to shoo him off while he hissed at me! A fantastic spot, a painting at every 45º turn.
Added 7.5.10


20 April, 11.30am
'Rest and Be Thankful'... Ardgoil Estate and Loch Goil. A fabulous view, but it was wild, gale force wind - painted from inside the van with the side door open, thought it was going to tip over! No one about until a cement mixer and workmen arrived to concrete new road signs in... right next to me!! Ha!

Added 10.5.10


20 April, 12 noon
Study of rocks and pebbles at Kinglas Water, Butterbridge... cold, faint hum of traffic in the distance.

Added 11.5.10


20 April, 12.25pm
Kinglas Water, with Butterbridge behind me looking down the valley... the building was used in the winter as shelter to about 60 car loads of people who got stranded in the snow, locals brought hot soup and blankets for them

Added 12.5.10



20 April, 12.40pm
Butterbridge – lovely! Slightly twee but very tranquil.

Added 13.5.10


20 April, 6.30pm
Tayvallich in Argyll... sat on a jetty sketching in the early evening sun, local farmer 'Roly' comes with his tractor and trailer to drop off a boat, lots of shouting and 'wooo-ing', strong accents, quite comical.

Added 14.5.10
8_carsaig 21 April, 10.50am
Carsaig Bay, Argyll... perfect blue sky, cold westerly wind, looking out onto Jura, sun warm on my back!

Added 17.5.10
9_carsaig 21 April, 11am
Carsaig Bay, Argyll... looking out onto pink rock on Jura, freezing wind.

Added 18.5.10

10_carsaig 21 April, 11.10am
Carsaig Bay

Added 19.5.10
11_carsaig     21 April, 12.15pm
Carsaig to Crinan... path through part of Knapdale Forest (now cleared). Away from the water, the sun is scorching, 4 layers just aren't required now!!

Added 20.5.10
12_keills 21 April, 3.10pm
Along Keills Peninsula - sun blazing hot, face sun burnt! Complete solitude.

Added 21.5.10
21 April, 3.50pm
Keills Peninsula - Jura in distance

Added 24.5.10
14_keills 21 April, 4.05pm
From Keills looking across Loch Sween to an old mill, clear and bright and warm.

Added 25.5.10

21 April, 4.50pm
Headland at Keills Peninsula looking to the Paps of Jura... unusual and impressive rocks silhouetted like gravestones against the light on the water.

Added 26.5.10


22 April, 11.25am
Taynish Nature Reserve - lovely colours, bird song, then a strange thing happened... a lone Red Setter came galloging along in front of me through the undrgrowth - nobody with him - he didn't see me!!

Added 27.5.10

17_tayvallich 22 April, 12.15pm
Tayvallich - rain on it's way, and I'm on my way to see Jolomo at his studio!

Added 28.5.10
18_crinan 22 April, 3.40pm
Crinan Tugs and the 'wee' lighthouse behind - a very calm place.

Added 15.6.10
19_crinan 22 April, 4.10pm
Crinan Tugs - Vic 32 & Duke of Normandy II

Added 15.6.10

22 April, 4.45pm
Wee lighthouse at Crinan, idylic

Added 15.6.10

23 April, 1.25pm
A82 to Fort William - stop off for lunch, pouring with rain and sleet, can't see a thing! Forecast is bad for West Scotland!!

Added 17.6.10
22_sisters 23 April, 3.15pm
The Five Sisters - What a drive – Glen Shiel along A87, heavy snow and rain, snow half way down mountains, no green here yet, very wintry, looks more like November - but I love the colours, still beautiful.

Added 17.6.10

23 April, 4.20pm
Eilean Donan Castle, one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland - heavy rain, miserable weather but great atmosphere and colour.

Added 17.6.10

24_aurora 24 April, 8.50am
View from the Skye Room at Aurora looking across Shieldaig towards Applecross Peninsula - how lucky am I!! and what wonderful people Ann & Thomas are for putting me up.

Added 17.6.10










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