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Limited edition prints are available of most of my paintings. Click on the images to make bigger. The size of the printed image is 18x18cm, overall size with mount is 32.5x 30.5cm, celophane wrapped. Cost: £45 each + postage and packaging. If you wish to collect from my studio, please call.

If you cannot see the painting you would like, please contact me with the title and I will let you know if it is possible to produce one of that painting.

Click here for prints of HARAKI & RHODES, GREECE

azure edge_of_the_path

Azure Waves
(Sennen Cove, Cornwall)


Edge of the Path


beating)of_the_waves balld_of_the_breeze

Beating of the Waves
(Porthledden, Cornwall)


Ballad of the Breeze


coastal_path calm_at_sea

Coastal Path
(Sennen Cove, Cornwall)

Calm at Sea
(Tresco in the Scilly Isles)

dandelions dancing_dandelions

Dandelions Sing

Dandelions Dance


down_by_the_lake dappled

Down by the Lakeside
(Lake Windermere)


Dappled Sunlight


fairy_meadows enchanted_woods

Fairy Meadows


Enchanted Woods


flossy floating_high

Flossy Seed Heads


Floating High


he_loves_me forest_track

He Loves Me...


Forest Track


lake_looming inthewildwood

Lake Looming
(Loch Torridon in the Highlands)


In the Wild Wood

light_mist Light_breaks_thru

Light Mist
(From Stiperstones looking towards the Long Mynd, Shropshire)


Light Breaks Through
(From Applecross Bay looking towards The Cullins on Isle of Skye)

magical_light long_waves

Magical Light

Long Waves, Short Waves
(Sand Bay on Applecross Peninsula



meadows_in_spring magical_mystery

Meadows in Spring


Magical Mystery


moodlands_far mellow_blush

Moorlands Dark and Far
(Stiperstones, Shropshire)


In the Mellow Blush of Day
(Loch an Eilean, Cairgorms)

ocean_deep mountain_pines

Ocean Deep
(Sennen Cove, Cornwall)


Mountain Pines
(Loch an Eilean, Cairgorms)


over_mountains oohlala

Over Mountains
(Walk to the Old Man of Coniston, Lake District)


Ooh La La Love Blue
(Priests Cove, Cornwall)


rustling_leaves petals

Rustling Leaves


Petals Softly Speak


sun_peeks_thru sea_dreams

Sun Peeks Through


Sea Dreams


tangled_thicket sunset_glow

Tangled Thicket


Sunset Glow



Weeping Clouds
(Loch Torridon, Scottish Highlands)


Towards the Stream


woodland_walk wonderous_sea

Woodland Walk

Wonderous Sea
(Kynance Cove, Cornwall)


Released September 2014

across_the_fields a_beautiful_hue

Across the Fields

A Beautiful Hue

a_better_place amid_the_hills

A Better Place

Amid the Hills

breezy circle

Breezy Air

A Circle of Hills

dancing_hues heavy_sky

Dancing Hues

Heavy Sky



Calm Waters

A Moment for Pondering

dusk_returns impearled

Dusk Returns


fields the_leaves

Fields of Straw

The Leaves, They Fall

heavenly lavish_landscape

Heavenly Scent II

Lavish Landscape

lemon_sun a_thousand

Lemon Sun Ascends

A Thousand Shandows


Wavering Leaves